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Wellness Group Lessons

Yin - Yang Yoga


Yang means movement, stretching muscles and physical action. It will always be a small part of a Yin-Yang yoga lesson. After the Yang we'll slowly move to the Yin. Yin yoga is a counterpart to the rushed Western lifestyle. A form of yoga with emphasis on calm and gentleness.

Boot Camp


Boot Camp is an open-air lesson alternating fitness exercises such as running or walking with exercises focussing on strength. These exercises are done with your own body weight instead of equipment, so most of the time several muscle groups are trained at the same time, challenging not only your muscles, but also your coordination.

Nirvana Fitness


Nirvana Fitness is a combination of relaxed pilates and yoga exercises, relaxing positive music and conscious breathing exercises. This causes detoxifying the body and experiencing the Nirvana spirit.



Pilates from a series of fluid exercises that you can perform on the ground. There are many exercises that can train every body part, but ultimately everything revolves around your core, the muscles that ensure that the body is in correct balance and the muscles that support the spine.