Activities 2023

07-04-2023 until 22-10-2023

It may seem a long way away, but.. The first dates for the best activities have been announced! Check if Ullie is there during your vacation!

We'll let you know the precise details soon! Here you can see the periods when there will be lots of recreational activities, come what may!

Easter weekend

  • From Friday the 7h of April to Monday the 10th of April the campsite will have an Easter theme. Dance with Zep, create the best Easter crafts, and who knows, perhaps you'll even meet the Easter Bunny!

May Holiday (dutch)

  • From Friday the 21th of April to Sunday the 7th of May is May holiday! This means every day will be filled with the best activities. Bring all your friends to the sports field! Or do you and your family fancy coming along to go dragnet fishing?

Ascension weekend

  •  The weekend of Ascension, from Tuesday the 18th to Sunday the 21th of May is going to be one big party at the campsite! Dancing, crafting, and who knows, maybe even baking rolls. Do come along!

Whitsun weekend

  •  During the Whitsun weekend from Friday the 26th of May to Monday the 29th of June Zep and the Recreation Team will be ready for action too. 

Summer Holidays

  • For the whole period of the summer holidays there'll be great things to do every day! From Saturday the 7th of July to Sunday the 3th of September we have the best activities planned! Lots of dancing, foorball, crafts and a whole load of sporty games. What's not to like?

September and October Weekends

  • The Recreation Team will be at the campsite during all weekends in September and October on both Saturday and Sunday. Have you booked your holiday yet?

Autumn Holidays

  • In the autumn half term, from Friday the 6th of October to Sunday the 22th of October the theme on the campsite will be Autumn and Halloween.Your last chance to go dragnet fishing will also be in this week!