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Questions about accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I park my car at the rental accommodation?

On the days of arrival and departure you can take your car to the accommodation to load and unload. When you've finished we ask you to park in the car park, to keep this part of the campsite car-free. Should you at some point have lots of shopping then you can of course unload that near the accommodation too.

Can I put up a small tent near the rental accommodation?

It is not permitted to pitch tents next to the rental accommodations. We can possibly make an exception if you hire a Beachbus. Please discuss this beforehand with Reception.

Can we cook in our rental accommodation?

The following rental accommodations offer a kitchen with everything you need to prepare food:
Airstream, Beachbus, Beachdome, Seacocoon, Dunelodge, Retro Trailer, Laidbackshacks and De Waard tents. 

No kitchen:
The Seashacks do not have a kitchen, but there are coffee and tea making facilities. They also have a fridge to keep your drinks chilled. 
Backpackshacks do not have any cooking facilities, but there is a communal Barbecue that can be used by all!


Do I need to bring duvets and pillows?

If you'll be staying in a De Waard tent you'll need to bring your own bedding and bed linen. In the Backpackshacks there is bedding and bed linen, but you'll need to make the beds yourself. In all other rental accommodations the beds will be made before you arrive.


Do I need to bring towels or kitchen linen?

In a De Waard tent or Backpackshack you'll need to bring your own towels and kitchen linen. All other rental accommodations come with both towels and kitchen linen.  You'll receive one towel pack per person, consisting of a bath towel and a small hand towel.


Do you offer any group accommodation?

We don't have group accommodations at De Lakens, but do look at what our sister campsite Bakkum can do for you. You can find more information about group accommodation here.

How many keys do I get?

You'll receive one key per rental accommodation.

How many people can be accommodated where?

Our rental accommodations are suitable for families with children. We can not accommodate groups.

Airstream: 2 adults, 2 children
Beachbus: 2 adults, 2 children
Beachdome: 2 adults, 4 children
Seacocoon: 2 adults, 4 children
Dunelodge: 2 adults, 2 children
Retro Trailer: 2 adults, 2 children
Laidbackshack: 2 adults, 3 children
Seashacks (Deluxe): 2 adults (Or 1 adult with 1 child)
Backpackshacks: 2 or 3 adults (Or 1/2 adults with 1/2 children)
De Waard tents: 2 adults, 2/4 children


Is smoking allowed in the rental accommodations?

Smoking is not allowed in the rental accommodations.

Is there a camping cot/high chair for the little ones?

We can supply a cot/high chair in the following rental accommodations:
Dunelodge, Seacocoon, Beachdome, Laidbackshack

Below you find the rental accommodations that cannot be equipped with a cot/highchair:
Beachbus, Airstream, Retro Trailer, Backpackshacks, Seashack, Seashack Deluxe and De Waard tents.

You can indicate you want a cot/highchair when you book. There are no extra costs involved.


Is there a heater or aircon in the accommodation?

Airstream: aircon and central heating
Beachbus: electric heater
Beachdome: aircon and electric heating
Seacocoon: aircon and electric heating
Dunelodge: aircon and electric heating
Retro Trailer: electric floor heating
Laidbackshack: electric floor heating
Seashacks (Deluxe): electric floor heating
Backpackshacks: electric heater
De Waard tents: electric heater


Is there WiFi in the rental accommodation?

Do you want to take a few moments to send some pictures to the family, to make them green with envy? Look here for all information about our WiFi network.

I would like to book two adjacent rental accommodations

We like the idea, and provided that you take the peace and quiet of the guests around you into account, this is certainly possible. Choose ' preference booking ' when you book. You'll be taken to a map where you can pick the rental accommodation of your choice. Each family can book an accommodation in their own name, with preference. Booking with preference is 15 euro extra.

What about cleaning the rental accommodation before we leave?

You're on holiday, so we do the final cleaning. We do ask you to tidy up though. Please do the washing up and put everything away. We appreciate your stripping the beds and leaving the bed linen in the bathroom. Lastly, please empty the waste bin too. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

What are the minimum and maximum stays?

Seashack, Seashack Deluxe and Backpackshack can be booked from one night. All other rental accommodations can be booked for a minimum of a weekend, a midweek or full week, with fixed starting days on Friday and Monday. All rental accommodations can be rented for a maximum of three weeks.


What bathroom facilities do rental accommodations offer?

The Airstream has a small bathroom with toilet and washbasin. Outside there is a private sauna and shower. 

The Beachbus has a toilet. Please use washrooms 'de Wastobbe' to shower. 

Dunelodges have a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a washbasin.

The Beachdome has a separate toilet, a bath in the bedroom and a washbasin. 

The Seacocoon has a separate toilet, a bath in the bedroom and a washbasin. 

Retro Trailer
The Retro Trailer has a toilet and a washbasin. You can use washrooms 'de Wastobbe' to shower. 

A Laidbackshack has a bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin. You can also use washrooms 'de Wastobbe'. 

De Waard Tent
A de Waard tent does not have a shower or toilet. You can use the nearest washrooms, ‘Kleine Tobbe’ or washrooms ‘Bruijd van Haerlem’. 

A Seashack has a separate shower, toilet and washbasin. You can use washrooms ´de Wastobbe´ as well.

The Backpackshack doesn't have a shower or toilet. You can use nearest washrooms ´de Kar´ as well as washrooms ´de Duijnpieper´.


What is included in our stay?

Aistream, Beachbus, Dunelodge, Seacocoon, Beachdome, Retro Trailer, Laidbackshack:
fibre optic broadband with WiFi, made beds, kitchen linen pack, final cleaning, welcome gift, use of wellness facilities, car parking.

Seashack en Seashack Deluxe
fibre optic broadband with WiFi, made beds, towel pack, kitchen linen pack, final cleaning, breakfast, use of wellness facilities, car parking.

Backpackshacks for 2- and 3 persons
WiFi, bed linen pack, final cleaning, use of wellness facilities, car parking.

De Waard tents
WiFi, final cleaning, use of wellness facilities, car parking.


What is the arrangement of the beds in the rental accommodation?

Airstream: double sofa bed + double bed (200 x 150)
Beachbus: double bunk bed (200 x 180)
Beachdome: double bed (200 x 180) + bunk bed (200 x 70) + sleeping loft with 2x one single bed (200 x 70)
Seacocoon: double bed (200 x 160) + bunk bed (200 x 70) + sleeping loft with double bed (200 x 140)
Dunelodge: double bed (200 x 160) + 2 x single bed (200 x 80)
Retro Trailer: double bed (200 x 140) + double sofa bed
Laidbackshack: double bed (200 x 140) + triple bunk bed (200 x 80)
Seashacks (Deluxe): double bed (200 x 140)
Backpackshacks 2 person: bunk bed (200 x 70)
Backpackshacks 3 person: bunk bed (200 x 70) + pull-out bed (200 x 70)
De Waard tents 4 person: double bed (200 x 140) + double bed (200 x 140)
De Waard tents 6 person: double bed (200 x 140) + double bed (200 x 140) + small double bed (200 x 120)


What time are the rental accommodations available?

You can check in from 15:00. You can of course park in our car park before that time and go to the beach. Checking in is possible until Reception closes. We ask you to vacate your accommodation before 10:30 on your day of departure.

Will linen be changed during the holiday?

If linen is included we'll drop by every Monday and Friday for any extra round of linen, so it is not a problem if you want clean linen at those times.