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General questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are dogs or other pets allowed?

Camping De Lakens is located in a protected natural area, which means that pets are unfortunately not allowed, even if they stay in the car. If you want to bring your dog on your camping holiday, then please inquire at our sister campsite Geversduin.

Are motorbikes allowed on the campsite?

Motorbikes are allowed on the campsite, and are subject to the same rules as those that apply to cars. You do not need a barrier pass, as you can ride around the barrier. We do urge you to respect the peace and quiet of all other guests.

Campsite Fox

We've got our very own campsite fox. He is not dangerous, he is very funny and his name is Nelson. In spite of him being cute, we urge you not to feed him, not to stroke him or let him inside. He is and should remain a wild animal. We also strongly advise you not to put any bin bags out or leave food leftovers lying around. Not only will Nelson try to snatch it, but the seagulls are very interested in it too.

Can I book for next year already?

You can usually make a booking for a new season from April of the year before.

Can I buy souvenirs on the campsite?

Taking a memento home is a nice thing. Reception has lovely souvenirs, sunglasses, local products and much more! Taking a look during your stay is highly recommended. You're bound to find something really nice.

Can I come camping when I'm not yet 21?

We love it that you want to come camp with us. The camping pitches are intended for families with children and for couples. Groups of young people/adults often have a different idea of a great holiday to families with children. We aim to avoid misunderstandings and make sure everyone has an enjoyable holiday. You can come camp as soon as you're 21 (or over). Keep in mind that there is a peace and quiet rule from 22:00.

Can I get cash anywhere near?

You can get cash at the Spar supermarket, up to a maximum of €50 per person. For larger amounts you can go to Zandvoort or Haarlem city centre.

Can I have a barbecue?

With regard to fire precautions open fires and/or barbecuing on charcoal are forbidden in the dune area. However, you are allowed to barbecue on gas or electricity. You can hire a barbecue too: at our bicycle rental ‘Behind the Beach’.

Can I have my gas bottle re-filled?

You can swap your empty gas bottle for a full one at SPAR during supermarket opening times! They also sell gas bottles.

Can I make a campfire?

Open fires and campfires are not permitted. The dune area around us is an area of very high fire risk. If you love a campfire, do join us when we have our organised campfires. Please check on the activities web page when they are held.

Can I pay cash?

With a view to sustainability and digitalisation we only accept digital payments. 

Can I reach the campsite by public transport?

Of course you can! You can take a train to Haarlem or Zandvoort station, and take the bus from either. Route 81 stops directly in front of the campsite, at bus stop 'Camping De Lakens'. Please find more information about our accessibility on: www.9292.nl

Can I receive post?

Certainly, we put the post we receive on behalf of guests in the silver post boxes in Reception. You can come and check yourself if you have received post. Post addressed to Camping De Lakens without any further particulars will be opened by us.

Can I recharge my electric bicycle?

You can charge your electric bike near the bicycle parking behind Reception, where you'll find a charging point. If you find that it is not working, call at Reception to get a charger.

Can I recharge my electric car?

We have four charging points for electric cars at the campsite. You'll find them in the car park between Reception and the supermarket.

Can I take my scooter/moped onto the campsite?

You are not allowed to use a scooter or moped on the campsite. You can park them in the bicycle parking behind Reception. Guests with walking difficulties can contact Reception to see if a solution can be found.

Can I use the WiFi?

You can use our WiFi for free when on the campsite. It is suitable for social media, e-mailing and WhatsApp. If you wish to stream, you can purchase a premium ticket. More information about our new WiFi network is here!

Do I need coins for the showers?

Use of the showers in our washrooms is free. As is use of the sauna.

Do you have security lockers?

We have a number of small security lockers (for keys and travel documents for example) available at Reception. Please ask at Reception to see if they are large enough for your purpose.

Do you have washing machines at the campsite?

We have a laundrette in the building next to Spar supermarket. You can get coins to operate the washing machine and the dryer at Spar. There is an iron too, just in case you need to get your party outfit ready during your holiday. Laundrette opening times are the same as those of the supermarket.

Do you sell cycling maps?

Camping De Lakens is located in the stunning Kennemerduinen. Access to this natural area is free, and it is excellent for walks and bike rides. Cycling and walking maps are available from Reception.

How can I cancel my booking?

Have you made a booking with us that you wish to cancel, owing to unforeseen circumstances? In case of cancellations we employ RECRON conditions. The cancellation of a booking is not free, and costs depend on the time of cancellations in relation to your date of arrival. If you want to know what cancellation costs you can expect, then please check the conditions. If you are sure that you want to cancel, you can let us know via e-mail (it needs to be in writing, not by telephone): info@campingdelakens.nl. Shortening your stay is subject to the RECRON conditions too. We recommend you take out travel or cancellation insurance in any case.

How can I check that my payment was received?

We don't automatically let you know that we received your payments. You can check this by looking in your online account 'mydelakens', where you'll find a summery of your bill and payment instalments.

How do I get into the Kennemer Dunes?

You can walk into the stunning natural area of the Kennemerduinen for a walk and/or a bike ride straight from the campsite. Please check the map to find out where the entrances to the National Park are. You can also access the dune area from the other side of Zeeweg. Please find more information about nature, the Visitor's Centre, European bison and Highland cattle on the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland website.

How much do I pay for car parking?

If you visit guests at the campsite or if you're going to the restaurant, you can buy a parking pass valid for the whole day. For those arriving after 18:00 we have an evening parking pass. You can park until 00:00 (midnight). If you spend over €80 in the restaurant, you can hand in your parking pass when you pay, and your parking costs will be refunded by subtracting them from the bill. Car parking is subject to availability. Should we have no parking space available you can park at Parnassia or on the boulevard.

I cannot find my login details

You received these via e-mail, so please check your spam box. Alternatively you can request a new password.

I don't have electricity any more/my electricity has gone

The first thing to do is check that the fuses and switches in your camping vehicle do not need to be reset. If they are in the right position, you can ring us on 0031 23-5411570. We'll send one of our technical service colleagues who'll be pleased to help you.

I have an emergency

RING 112! And/or our emergency number: 0031 6-51805249

I need to drop of/collect someone

Do you need to drop someone or something at the campsite? We have a free one-hour parking pass that allows you access to the campsite for a short while. You can collect it at Reception.

I never received a confirmation?

That is annoying. Please check if you can see the booking in your online 'mydelakens' account. If you see no trace of it there either, the booking probably didn't get through. In that case the best thing is to telephone Reception: 0031 23-5411570

I would like to receive a parcel

You can have a parcel delivered at Reception. Important: make sure the parcel has our address, your name and your pitch number on the address bar: Camping De Lakens Name + Pitch nr/rental accommodation Zeeweg 60 2051 EC Overveen. Please ring Reception beforehand that you will be receiving a parcel. If you fail to do this, we cannot accept the parcel when it arrives. Do you want to receive a large package? Please discuss this with Reception beforehand: 0031 23-5411570

I would like to receive visitors

How nice that you'll be getting visitors! We do not ask for visitor costs, and day visitors do not need to report to Reception. Those who stay the night must however call at Reception. If your visitors come by car you can purchase a parking pass at Reception (provided there is availability). We also have a cheaper evening pass for car parking from 18:00. If you eat at restaurant Gestrand you can give them your parking pass when you pay. If you've spent over €75 your parking costs will be subtracted from your bill.

I've lost my child!

Please contact Reception, so we can ask staff to help find your child. Please supply us with as much information as possible: 0031 23 5411570

Is the camping open in winter?

We are closed in the winter period, from November to the end of March. Nevertheless you'll be very welcome to come and see the campsite. You can do this on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00 or on one of our special Open Sundays.

Is the campsite accessible for wheelchairs?

Wheelchair users are more than welcome on our campsite. We have disabled showers in the washrooms. Remember though that we are a real dune campsite, and that most paths are not metalled. Our rental accommodations often have verandas and steps, and space inside is limited, making them inaccessible. The restaurant is accessible in a wheelchair.  


Is there a bus stop nearby?

Directly in front of our campsite is a stop for bus route 81. The stop is called 'Camping De Lakens'. The bus stops in both directions, both to Zandvoort and in the direction of Haarlem. Reception has the timetables, and you can find them also on: www.9292.nl  Reception also sells the OV-chipkaarten you will need to use on the bus.

Is there a hairdryer in the washrooms?

No, there are no hairdryers in any of the washrooms.

Is there a night watch?

There is a night watch present during the whole season, outside of Reception opening times. You can contact the night watch via: 0031 23-5411570. If you are dealing with an emergency and need emergency services, you can telephone the emergency number: 0031 6-51805246.

Is there a quiet time on the campsite?

We urge you to respect the peace and quiet period on the camping from 22:00 to 8:00 in the morning. We think it is very important that all our guests can enjoy a great night's rest.

Is there toilet paper in the washrooms?

There is toilet paper in all washrooms, so you don't have to walk over the campsite with a toilet roll under your arm. Although you are of course free to do so, if you want.

Need technical help?

Does the shower keep running? Is the toilet blocked? A lamp broken? In case of pressing technical problems we ask you to contact Reception, so our colleagues can fix the problem as soon as possible: 0031 23-5411570

There is too much noise, what can be done?

Please telephone Reception. You can do this 24/7: 0031 23-5411570. Don't delay, because we can take measures immediately.

Until what ages do children stay for free?

For anyone 3 or over we must collect Tourist Tax. For children aged 0, 1 or 2 we don't need to do this. We do of course require you to notify us of children under 3 when you make your booking.

Until what time can I get through the barrier?

Behind Reception is a barrier that gives the holder of a barrier pass 24/7 access. Should you come back after 22:00, then you can park your car in the car park; the barrier that gives access to the Tourist pitches and Liguster will be closed by then, and won't open until 08:00 in the morning. Konijnenpad has a barrier leading to the De Waard tents and the Season pitches. The 2nd barrier here will be closed from 20:00 to 08:00, except on Fridays, when it closes at 22:00.

What are the Reception opening times?

We are open 7 days a week, from 09:00. For the up-to-date closing time, please check the website.

What are the checking in and checking out times?

You can check into our rental accommodations from 15:00. We need you to have vacated your rental accommodation by 10:30. If you've booked a camping pitch, you can check in from 14:00. We need you to have vacated your camping pitch by 11:00.

What are the opening times of the laundrette?

Opening times of the laundrette are the same as those of SPAR supermarket.

What are your bank account details?

In 'mydelakens' you can pay via iDEAL. Our bank details are: IBAN: NL62INGB0000500685, if you want to pay us via your bank. Please don't forget to put your booking number on the payment instruction. It helps us greatly with the processing of your payments.

What facilities are there?

The campsite has a restaurant, a supermarket, bicycle rental, several playgrounds, heated washrooms, a sauna, and the Wellness Dome. It also offers a fitness center, sports lessons, WiFi, and recreation and entertainment in the holiday periods and during a number of weekends.

What is Beachcamp de Lakens?

Our surf camp is located on Stormpad. This luxury surf camp focuses on families with children who like an active holiday. You can book via the website.

What is Mifune?

Mifune is located on the beach, on the right hand side at the end of Strandpad. Mifune offer surfing, SUP and kiting lessons. In addition you can try catamaran sailing, or hire equipment.

What is Surfana Festival?

Surfana Festival is an annual festival on the campsite. During the festival you cannot book a stay via the campsite, as everything is arranged via the festival. More information about the festival, about camping during the festival and the sale of tickets can be found on Surfana's website!

What is Surfana Surf Camp?

You'll find this surf camp on our campsite where Strandpad and Schapenpad cross. You can book surf lessons here and hire gear too.

What is my pitch number?

If you booked a camping pitch or rental accommodation with preference you'll find evidence of this in your online account 'mydelakens'. If you book a camping pitch (or rental accommodation) without preference, you can find your pitch number in 'mydelakens' 48 hours before you arrive.

What is the route from the campsite to Amsterdam?

Visiting Amsterdam is a great idea! You can reach the capital in several ways. You can take the car and park in the centre, or park at a Q garage outside the centre and take the tram for the last stretch. Parking costs in the centre are much higher than those in the outskirts. The fastest and perhaps easiest way is to take public transport. Bus 81 stops in front of the campsite entrance, and takes you to Haarlem Central Station in about 15-20 minutes. From there the train will take another 20 minutes to Amsterdam Central. For more information, please look on: www.9292.nl

What is the shortest route to the beach?

Camping de Lakens is a stone's throw away from the Bloemendaal beach. From the campsite you can reach it in several ways. The quickest way is via the back of the restaurant, from where it is another 100 metres, across a sand dune. You can also head to the beach from Schelpengat, a 1 km route through the dunes. From our main entrance you can take the road in the direction of the boulevard. This last route is about 1 km, about a 10-minute walk.

When do I need to pay for my booking?

We request you pay before you arrive, not least to ensure checking in is a fast and easy affair. When you've filled in all details and paid in full, you'll receive a digital parking pass from 48 hours before your arrive. Please pay via 'mydelakens'.

Our reception is pin only

Where can I post a letter?

You can hand in post to be mailed at Reception, as PostNL calls to collect all our post. We also sell postcards and stamps.

Your online account 'My de Lakens'. What can you use it for?

In 'mydelakens' you can find all information about your booking and your stay. You can download the barrier pass (from 48 hours before you arrive); you can look at your booking, make your payments and find lots of general information, such as the access code for the sauna. You can login here: www.mijncampingdelakens.nl/eng/login If you forgot your password, you can request a new one here. Your login name is the e-mail address you used to make your booking (or a previous one).