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Questions about seasonal camping

Frequently Asked Questions


By what date do I have to pay?

We ask you to adhere to the set deadlines, as stated in the agreement. Do you want to pay the last installment before June 1st? Inquire about the possibilities.

Can I leave my caravan during the winter?

We offer paid winter storage at Camping De Lakens for our season pitch guests. Guests that used winter storage before will be given priority. Space is limited however. If you are interested in this, please send an e-mail to: seizoenkamperen@campingdelakens.nl. We'll then consider what is possible.

Can I reserve a seasonal pitch?

Reserving a seasonal place is possible by drawing lots. The rates for seasonal camping can be found on the website. Taking an option is not possible. It is also not possible to transfer the seasonal place to another name.

Can I sublet my season pitch?

You may sublet your pitch to friends or family for a maximum of 28 nights per season. Please let us know when you are planning on doing this in 'mydelakens' under the heading 'mijn onderverhuur' (my sublets). 

How do I report a change of address?

You can report your change of address by email stating your name, place number and reservation number. You can send this to: seizoenkamperen@campingdelakens.nl

How spacious are the season pitches?

The size of a season pitch varies from 65 to 130m2, and depends on its category. For this reason we advise you to come and take a look at the available season pitches, so that you can judge if it suits your requirements. On a car-free season pitch there'll automatically be more room for you. When viewing a pitch with parking, please take the space the car takes up into account. Our season pitches come with 16 Amp electricity.

I am interested in a season pitch

If you are interested in a season pitch, you can apply to be put on our list of interested people. You can do this by e-mail, so that we'll keep you up to date by e-mail too. The earliest information about the next camping season usually becomes available in the middle of November. Pitches are allocated via a draw. The tariffs for a season pitch can be found on the website. We regret that it is not possible to take options on any pitch in particular.

I have a season pitch and will be receiving a guest

Guests need to report to Reception if they arrive in a car and need a parking pass. We do not charge for your staying the night, but please keep in mind that no more than 6 people are allowed to stay on the pitch, and that someone who is registered on that pitch always needs to be present.


Do you have more questions after reading? Feel free to mail to: seizoenkamperen@campingdelakens.nl. Or come and visit the reception!

What camping vehicles can be used on a season pitch?

Acceptable camping means on a season pitch are: touring caravan, campervan, folding trailer and tent. The campsite needs to see a valid test certificate of all gas and electric installations used. The campsite needs to approve of the camping means used, and written permission must be sought.

Kennemer Duincampings considers safety of paramount importance. Every camping means used on a season pitch must therefore have been inspected on the safety of its gas and/or electric installations. A valid inspection certificate must be in possession of the campsite before the start of the season. These certificates should be valid for 3 years. A copy of proof of ownership only is acceptable, provided that your camping means is no older than 36 months. Should your vehicle exceed this age at some time during the season, you will need to arrange a new inspection. The same applies if the validity of your inspection certificates runs out during the season.

The placement of any fencing (such as fences, lath, trellis, camouflage nets, bamboo screen and reed mats) is not permitted. Subject to restrictions it is possible to erect a temporary windscreen. Please see the provisions and further information about this in the additional conditions for season pitches.

What does a season pitch cost?

We have season pitches in several categories and prices, depending on the size of the pitch, the location and the amount of privacy. You can find the prices on the website. We urge you to honour the payment instalments as defined in the agreement. Please pay the last instalment before the 1st of June, and do contact us in case of any questions.

What rules apply to the season pitches?

All campsite house rules, the RECRON conditions and the additional and supplementary conditions connected to a season pitch apply. You can find them all on our website. 

A season pitch is intended to be used by the hirer's own family. Additional extended family members can be registered to a maximum of 6 persons (including the hirer). You need to let us know beforehand who'll be staying.  Season pitches cannot be shared and must have only one main hirer. The maximum number of people that can stay over at the pitch, including any guests, is 6. 

Transferral of the season pitch is not possible.  

Why does my camping equipment have to be inspected? And on what?

At the Kennemer Duincampings, safety is of paramount importance. As a result, every camping equipment on a seasonal pitch must be inspected for the gas installation and electricity installation. The campsite must be provided with a valid inspection certificate prior to the season. This certificate is valid for 3 years. If your camping equipment is younger than 36 months, a copy of the title deed is sufficient. If this ends during the season, you must take care of a new inspection. This also applies to the expiry of the inspection certificate. The camping equipment must in any case be inspected on the following points:

  • Gas tightness of the pipelines
  • Age and length of gas hose (maximum 2 years and 1 meter)
  • Gas pressure regulator (up to 5 years)
  • Flame gas appliances (stable blue flame)
  • Installation of gas appliances (stable blue flame)
  • Installation of gas appliances (carbon monoxide)
  • Air supply and exhaust gas appliances
  • Operation of thermocouples
  • flame extinguishes: gas closed
  • Flue gas duct of the geyser
  • Connections and grounding sockets in wet rooms
  • Control connection cord according to NEN standard