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Wisent spotting

Wisent spotting

'Europe's Big Five' in the Netherlands! Since 2007, a herd of wisents have been living in “De Kraansvlak” – a closed section of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. The area will be opend on the 1st of september. 

Wisents are also called European bison and justifiably belong to “Europe’s Big 5.” Extensive research is being done on the wisent’s influence on nature and the fortunes of the herd. Background information and the latest news can be found at www.wisenten.nl.



The visitor centre De Kennemerduinen is a good starting point for a hike to the bison area.

In the visitor centre you can find additional information about the bison project. The staff can provide you with information how you can reach the bison area from the visitor centre.

From the visitor centre a walking trail can be followed to the Observation point at the bison area Kraansvlak. The bison regularly pass the lake to drink water from the little lake near the Observation point. Also, they often graze or eat acorns under the big oaks along the enclosure fence at the path from the railway tunnel towards the Observation point. Sometimes they can be spotted from this path.

Download the new brochure with a map from the wisent website!

Have fun!