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Exclusive horseback safari through the bison area

Exclusive horseback safari through the bison area

An unique experience in the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. PWN together with the manage De Baarshoeve from Zandvoort offer to experienced horse riders, the chance to join an exclusive guided excursion on horseback through the European bison terrain under the guidance of a park ranger.

During this excursion it might be possible to spot the European bison herd that lives in the Kraansvlak.
The park ranger will tell you all over the area where this endangered species live since 2007 and the
fauna and flora present.

Unique is that the excursion takes place in an area partially restricted to public access.
During the excursion we go off trail and possibly through loss sandy areas in this dune terrain.
Besides the European bison, in this special nature core area Scottish highland cattle,
Konik horses and other grazers can be seen. The excursion is under guidance of a PWN ranger
and an instructor from the manage who will also supervise the behavior of the horse group.

Only experienced horse riders and horses, who ride outside often, are allowed to join this excursion.
If the organization considers that the person has not enough experience, they reserve the right to
exclude this participant from the excursion group.

Meeting place: Manage De Baarshoeve, telephone: +31 (0) 23 571 58 94.
Clothes: Riding clothes, boots and helmet are compulsory.
A helmet can be borrowed from the manage if needed.

For other accessories, take contact with the manage.
Duration: Maximal 2,5 hours from the meeting spot, including approximately half hour of preparations.
Costs: €99,- p.p. with a rental horse from the manage De Baarshoeve and 75€with your own horse.
The payment finds place on beforehand via the booking website.

In general the excursion will find place with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 participants.
Do you want to be one of the first ones in taking part of this unique experience?
Go to www.pwn.nl/eropuit and book your excursion or get more information and dates.