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Open Sunday 5th January

Open Sunday 5th January


Time: 10 AM - 4 PM
We look forward to giving you the best season's greetings personally on this Open Sunday. At Reception we'll be more than happy to inform you about next season. Restaurant Gestrand will open for entertainment as well as refreshments.

Reception will be open from 10.00 to 16.00, during which time we'll be ready to inform you about every detail of the next camping season. If you book a stay for 2020 at Reception on the day you pay no preference charges at all! You can explore the camping area to find a great pitch, and also inspect our rental accommodations.

Restaurant Gestrand will naturally be serving refreshments. In addition to coffee and cake there is an extensive lunch menu, and drinks and bites for later in the day. The restaurant will be open until 17.00.

Recreation activities will also be on offer to keep the kids entertained. We'll bake rolls by open fire, face-painting and there is a Arty Wall.

From 13.00 there'll be live music by the open fire.

To make a reservation you can email info@restaurantgestrand.nl. 
See you then!

Next open sunday:
2th of February
1th of March