Zoek je verblijf

Wifi for sharing the holiday fun!

Use of the WiFi network 'de Lakens Open' is free. 
Via this network you can use WhatsApp, look at websites and check your e-mail.

If you want to watch a good film, download a newspaper or audiobook or watch YouTube films, you can purchase a 'de Lakens Premium Netwerk'-ticket.

Please bear in mind that WiFi on the campsite won't be the same as at home. The landscape and the material of your camping vehicle or rental accommodation can hinder reception.

Premium Network – Buying a ticket
You'll immediately receive a code at your pitch. When you enter this code, the ticket will be instantly active! A Premium Network Ticket enables you to stream at the campsite! Tickets are available for one user, but there are Family Tickets too. A Family Ticket allows a maximum of 4 people to user the Premium Network simultaneously.

WIFI in the Rental Accommodations
Our rental accommodations* have fibre broadband from this season! Each one has its own modem and code, making it very suitable for the Premium Network during your stay. This facility can also turn a rental accommodation into a very productive place to work.
*excludes the Backpackshacks and De Waard tents.

one user family ticket  (4 persons)
1 day €3,50  1 day €7,50
3 days  €10,00 3 days €20,00
5 days €12,50 5 days €25,00
Week €15,00  Week €30,00
Month €25,00 Month   €50,00

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