Zoek je verblijf
When would you like to come?

Zep the Seegull


Hi! My name is Zep.
Zep the Seagull!

Are you coming to see me in my Zep Zone?
This is where we're going to have adventures!
I love dancing, hugging, crafting and romping!
I prefer to do this together with my Recreation buddies and with you!

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camping de lakens zep zone recreatie 2020

This one will be found next to the large playground at restaurant Gestrand. Here you can play indoors and outdoors from early in the morning to late at night! Climbing, sliding and rocking. Build a sandcastle or play with water! Playing every day in the Zep Zone is a big party!

bouw lab

camping de lakens recreatie 2020

Stop by at my Building Lab and the Recreation Buddies will be happy to help you with a cool game!
For example, create your own kit or rent a game that you can play with mom and dad in your caravan!