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These Lounge spots are more spacious and have a picnic table. You will also receive the local morning newspaper from Monday to Saturday (excluding the holidays).

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These pitches include electricity. Do you want to be close to the track to the beach, or to the sauna? The pitches are spread around the campsite.

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Cosy camping pitches, especially equipped for families with small children from 0-6. 

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Relaxplace pitches have a gorgeous large hammock and offer 16 Amp electricity. You'll receive the local morning paper every day too (except on Sundays and holidays).

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Comfort Area

With its hammock, private water tap and drain for wastewater, the Comfort area is true to its name. These pitches are located in an open part between the dunes, and are suitable for a caravan, a tent or a campervan.

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Dunespot Tent

Only allowed for small tents. A wonderful tentpitch to spend your holiday with 16 ampere electricity.

The minimum price is based on two nights.

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Loungespot tent

Loungespot Tent pitches are more spacious and offer more privacy than Dunespot Tent pitches. They are located in a green, sheltered area with soft, sandy soil. The pitches have a picnic table and are inclusive of electricity. 

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de Slurf tentpitch excluding electricity

The Beachspots are in the sand and inbetween the dunes. This is the perfect pitch for small tents to stay.

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Beachspot tentpitch excluded electricity

The Beachspots give you really the idea you are camping inbetween the dunes. It is a quiet area for families with childeren and/or couples and the pitch is without electricity.

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Beachspot tentpitch Schelpengat

A quiet, car-free tent pitch with electricity. This part of the campsite gives you access to the beach in less than 10 minutes!

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Dunespot 'Liguster + Voorkuil'

This area is located in the middle of the campsite and can only be booked from Saturday to Saturday. This will allow for more rest during your stay. These places are suitable for camper, caravan or tent.

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Loungespot 'Liguster + Voorkuil'

In the Liguster area we have central pitches in the dunes with a picknicktable. These pitches are surrounded with bushes for a more private room. This area is located in the middle of the campsite and can only be booked from Saturday to Saturday. This will allow for more rest during your stay.

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