Did you finally make it to your holidays after a hectic period? Allow all tension to melt away during a relaxation massage. Have you had no time for yourself for ages? Our beautician will restore your radiance!

We offer different types of massages. Relaxing, Hotstone or the kids massage. Below you will find an overview of all massages. We do not offer duo massages.


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During your stay, you are free to use our sauna facilities. If you book a campingspot, you can visit the Finnish sauna of the 'Butterkop'. If you book an accommodation, you can use the 'Wastobbe' with a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna and a Turkish steam bath.

Sauna - facilities

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In the Butterkop and Wastobbe sauna's, there are lockers to keep your belongings safe when you relax. Outside you will find a relaxation area and a place to wash up. Do you like clean feet? There are special sinks for this. Don't forget to bring your flip flops!



You can use all our wellness facilities during your stay. Check out the extensive schedule and prices below.

For more information and/or questions, please send an email to wellness@campingdelakens.nl

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Relaxing massage


The massages are given at a leisurely pace. Work is carried out in depth so that muscle tensions can disappear from the body. The slow pace gives you the chance to breathe through the tensions, so that you can let go deeply, bring your attention to your body and slowly sink from your head into your body. You can reserve 30, 60 or 90 minutes and enjoy it pure!

Guasha massage


Guasha massage is an ancient massage technique from China. This full body oil massage is performed partly with the hands and partly with a special ergonomic gemstone. By massaging eg. 'scraping' with the gemstone over energy channels and muscles in the body, relaxation and a better flow of energy is created. This makes physical and emotional blockages disappear. Also excellent to combine with an energy healing.


Hotstone massage


Experience the wonderful warmth and heaviness of lava rocks. The stones are placed in various places on the body so that the heat can sink into your body. In addition, in addition to using manual techniques, your body is massaged with the stones. This activates the blood circulation and metabolism, but above all it allows you to relax deeply.

Kids Experience Massage


Touch has a calming effect on our body. That certainly applies to children. They often have to process a lot of stimuli and learn a lot with their eyes and ears at school, and little with their sense of touch. The children's massage is not (just) about a massage of the muscles in a targeted, attentive and loving way.

But also by letting them feel, smell, taste, see and hear, children experience everything around them and they gradually become acquainted with the world in which they grow up. The massage is adapted to the age and as a parent you can be present. Age is 4 to 14 years. This massage can also be used for; Sleeping problems, restlessness headaches and (exam) stress. And is (extremely) suitable for children with ADHD.

Workshop babymassage & yoga


The transition from your warm and familiar belly, where your baby is constantly cradled and touched, to the big world is a huge change for your little one. Baby massage has a positive effect on this!

Learn to give a full body massage according to the 5 pillars; Relaxing, Connecting, Intuition, Observing and Massaging.

You will also learn valuable techniques to apply such as; Yoga exercises, foot reflexology and unique methods to relieve ailments (Which are developed in collaboration with various Pediatric Physiotherapists & Osteopaths).

The workshop ends with a FLOAT session on a (warm) water pillow. Course materials and a mini bottle of massage Oil are included.

*This workshop is also given in English and German.

Foot(reflexology) massage


Landing in your own body again? A foot massage helps you to bring the energy from your head back into your body. Before starting the massage, the feet will be thoroughly scrubbed. Through our extremities we can release tension from our body so that we can move forward again.

Besides that the feet carry your weight and provide balance, you can also find your body under your foot. Numerous nerve endings can be found here, so there is a lot of feeling in this place. Targeted pressure points alternate with relaxing massage grips. Your focus moves from your head to the other side of your body and gives it the well-deserved attention.

Pregnancy massage


The pregnancy massage is performed on a (warm) water cushion. This allows the entire back and pelvis of the expectant mother to be massaged without her having to lie on her stomach. The arms, legs and head are also included. A massage that not only relaxes but can also relieve any ailments and is received with great gratitude by the pregnant ladies

Holistic massage


This massage focuses more than just on the physical relaxation of the muscles, but also on mental relaxation. Follow the movements of your breath. Open your senses and let everything come to you for a moment. There is room for emotions & thoughts that can be released which are stored in your body. During massage we are less distracted from our environment and you reconnect with your body and learn to feel again, highly recommended!

Energy healing


Energy healing dissolves energy blockages in your energy field, so that energy can flow freely again.During the session, different forms of energetic healing are used. Usually a combination of Aboriginal Healing, Tibetan Healing, Reiki and Pranic Healing. Before we start the session we'll quickly introduce ourselves. You can tell me what you'd like help with and what your complaints are, if any. After that you get on the table. You just keep your clothes on, I'll make sure you'll be comfortable and warm and invite you to relax. All you have to do is close your eyes.