Zoek je verblijf

Useful to know

At Kennemer Duincamping de Lakens there are some rules we expect all guests to follow, mainly to ensure an orderly and safe environment, and peace and quiet to guarantee that everyone present can have an excellent time.

You are very welcome with your tent, folding trailer, campervan or touring caravan. The only restriction is one dwelling per party. That said, it is usually possible to discuss the addition of the incidental small dome tent.

We regret that pets are not allowed at camping de Lakens. But you are certain to run into plenty of other animals during your stay, such as foxes, rabbits, roe and deer!

Barbecuing is allowed, but only on gas or electricity.

Recron conditions

Arrival and departure

When you have received a barrier pass, you can drive straight to your camping pitch. If you are with us for the first time, please call at Reception. We'd like to tell you everything that relates to your stay. If you are renting one of our accommodations then please collect the key from Reception. Will you be camping? You can check in from 14.00. Our rental accommodations are ready at 15.00. Please remember to check out by 11.00.

Extend your departure

When you want to stay longer on the campsite than 11am we advise you to book another day.
Otherwise we can't make any garantees to stay longer.
You can check at the reception for the possibilities at the day of departure.
There is no exclusive parking for mobile homes, cars and caravans.

Car and other vehicles

Per campingpitch you will receive a card for the barrier. This card is personal and can only be used for one car. You can't pass on this card to a next car. On one barriercard, one car can drive through the barrier to get acces to the camsite. When used illegaly, you card can be taken in. On the campsite is a speedlimit of 10 km/h (this is applicable for all motorised vehicles).



Garbage needs to be deposed in a container in a tieed up bag. There are seperate containers for paper, glas, batteries and chemicla waste. The campsite has a drainige-chanel on several pitches. Chemical toilets can be emptied at the toiletbuildings on the identified places. To avoid misuse, the codes for the disabled rooms you will receive at the reception, when showing your disabled card.


Per campingpitch there are allowed to stay a maximum of six people. When you see a different pitch than appointed at reception, you first need to contact the reception to switch places before taking place there. Family members who will stay overnight need to register at reception and pay additional costs. When departing you need to leave the camping pitch cleaned up for the next guests.

(Day) visitors

If you receive visitors, please ask them to report to Reception. If available, they can purchase a barrier pass. Visitors can park in the corresponding car park. The car park at Reception is intended for arrivals only. You may park here for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Other camping regulations

Camping with us is aloud from 21 years old. The serenity on our campsite needs to be respected. The radio/tv you have brought is for you own personal use. Make sure other camping guests will not be disturbed by them. After 22.00 pm it is not allowed to make any unnecessary noise. When causing trouble after using to much alcohol or other stimulation supstances could evolve in expelsion of the campinggrounds.


We are situated in a beautiful dune area. 
Because this is a restricted area there are no pets allowed.