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Linnaeushof: Europe’s largest playground

Linnaeushof: Europe’s largest playground

Europe’s largest playground is full of exciting play equipment and attractions.

The Pirate’s Nest is for real daredevils, as it can only be reached via long, hanging bridges, high above the water. In the covered playground you will find minicars, air skelters, slot machines, distorting mirrors and a play castle. Bennie Broek Theatre stages the story about the Chubby Monster and when the weather is hot, water playground "de Oase" is open. The Oase is a gigantic water spectacle, suitable for young and old to enjoy water, water and more water. Or how about the minigolf? Or the monorail?
Linneaushof is open from 25th March 2015, from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs.