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Beachclub Mifune

Beachclub Mifune

The sea belongs to everybody, and you can tell at Mifune Watersports! The Bloemendaal aan Zee beach offers ample space to take to the waves with a SUP, kite, surfboard or catamaran. 

Unfortunately closed in the winter, but in the summer you are most welcome!

Catamaran sailing is a fast and spectacular way of sailing. Trapezing you feel the catamaran cut through the water "kissing the waves". A challenge even for experienced sailors! Experience it at Mifune.
Kitesurfing is the most popular water sport at the moment.  it feels like flying, with sensationally high jumps. Kitesurfing needs waves, enough wind and space, things we have plenty of at Mifune Watersports.
Stand Up Paddling is the latest trendy newcomer. You move on a longboard, by means of a specially designed paddle. Apart from greatly relaxing it is the ultimate workout! A sport that uses every muscle in your body, while you cruise along the coast. You need good waves, and if you get it, it's a great feeling. Catch the right wave, find your balance and you are at one with the sea! Take the right wave and find your balance, completely at one with the sea!