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Beach pavilion Woodstock'69

Beach pavilion Woodstock'69

For over 25 years, Woodstock'69 has been an icon at Bloemendaal beach. Delicious food, good music, and a relaxed atmosphere are highly valued here!

Every year, Woodstock'69 opens its doors from early April to late September. Woodstock'69 is known for its relaxed atmosphere. Events with DJs from all over the world are organized here. On non-event days, the focus is mainly on relaxing on the beach, and they like to end the day with a campfire.

Looking for something different to drink than the standard options? Craving a delicious 3-course meal? Or opting for a snack platter with a craft beer on the side? Everything is possible here. During these evenings, national and international bands perform. You don't need to buy a ticket, the entry is completely free!

Want to know more? Check the website for all the upcoming events.

Have fun!