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Plastic soup walk

At first glance the beach seems clean, but unfortunately there is always and everywhere waste... On average 282 pieces per 100 meters. The Plastic Soup is a big problem. Would you like to help clean the beach? That is possible now!

Do the Plastic Soup Walk, your own beach cleanup! Borrow a Beach Cleanup Set at our reception. Receive a nice waste bingo card with all kinds of facts about the Plastic Soup. Collect as much plastic as possible that does not belong on the beach. The routes you can walk are on the back of the bingo card.

When you come back you can hand in the plastic separately! Check the bingo card to see what you can save for Juttersgeluk. The Juttersgeluk Foundation makes new products from this. You can buy these recycled products from us in the reception shop! You will receive a 10% discount on beachcombing happiness products as a thank you for your help.

Thanks a lot… have fun!

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Information about the Plastic Soup Walk

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Cleanup Set & Waste Bingo Card


You can borrow a jut bucket from Juttersgeluk, a prod and gloves. With this you can go beachcombing and you will also receive a nice waste bingo card, which shows the waste that is most often found on the beach and the associated waste facts. You can tick which waste you find along the way and which waste you can keep for Beachcombers' happiness.

Four Plastic Soup Walk routes


There are four routes on the back of the bingo card: two start at Roompot Zandvoort and the other routes start at Roompot Bloemendaal and camping De Lakens. There are a number of places indicated (Plastic-free Terraces) where you could have a drink, get a (vegan) ice cream or eat something! Depending on how fast you walk and how much garbage there is (and how long you take a break), the routes take 1 to 2 hours.



To be able to recycle properly, you sort the collected waste when you return. You can put the found caps in the bobbing bottle in front of the reception. Plastic with recycle code 2 and 5 and rope in the appropriate sorting crates. Juttersgeluk turns these materials into new products.

As a thank you for your good work you will receive a discount voucher at the reception for one of the circular products from Juttersgeluk that are for sale in the reception shop!