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Season 2022

This season has only just started, but booking for next season is already possible!

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camping de lakens wellness wellnessbus kapper haarstylist 2

Holiday coupe

Raisa, our new hairstylist is present in our Wellness bus all season on Saturdays.

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Pop up Beachcamp de Lakens.jpg

Beachcamp de Lakens can be booked!

From Sunday 17 January, 12 noon, the surf camp can be booked for the period from 23 April to 25 June.

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camping de lakens restaurant gestrand borrelbox.jpg

The Borrelbox at restaurant Gestrand

Order a Borrelbox from the restaurant and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks.

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camping de lakens watersport Mifune surf sup

Discount at Mifune

Since this season, our guests also get a discount on their first booking with Mifune.

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kindvriendelijke camping

Ship ahoy!

In the large playground there is a new play equipment. The kids feel like a real pirate when they are at the helm of this ship.

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camping de lakens wellness wellnessbus wellnessfaciliteiten yoga zen sportles wellnessdag duinen inge


Mindfullness is the opposite of autopilot. You can apply it continuously at any time of the day.

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Surfana festival

The 8th edition of Surfana festival is from 10 to 12 September at our campground! Ticket sale starts February 14th. 

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