Zoek je verblijf


Holiday in The Netherlands is very sustainable, and your children will thank you for it. You'll no doubt enjoy looking at and staying in the beautiful natural area our campsite is part of. In order to ensure you and others can continue to benefit from it we do our utmost to angle recreation towards nature conservation. Our efforts in these two areas were rewarded with a gold Green Key, the highest award for environmental protection. We are naturally extremely proud of this, and would like to share a few examples of our sustainability efforts with you.

With your cooperation we keep nature pristine. If you have additional ideas about how to further improve our sustainability, then please do share these with us!

electric driving

The beauty and peace at the campsite are things we wish to preserve, so you'll see our colleagues on a bicycle or in electric carts. The central car parks offer EV charging infrastructure. Did you bring an electric bicycle? You can charge that too. 


A fantastic shower and a clean toilet are important for everyone, and in providing these we also take the environment into account. The washrooms are fitted with water-saving taps and showerheads, while motion sensors operate the lights. Our cleaning agents are biologically degradable. In other words, no unnecessary waste.

Everyone participates

Waste: difficult to avoid completely, but not that hard to reduce. With your help we keep it separated, so that all useable waste can be reused or recycled.ʉ۬Everyone chips in.
Our office staff are print aware and we send our invoices by e-mail.
If we use wood, and we do, it originated from FSC woodland. These are forests that are managed in a considered and sustainable way.


From nature, and for nature. Just take a look around and notice how much onsite is re-used. Greenery onsite is managed in collaboration with water utility PWN. 

Sustainable lighting