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De Lakens can give you the ultimate beach holiday experience, with a dose of wellness for good measure. The wind in your hair, the sand between your toes and the sun on your face all contribute to that real 'de Lakens' feeling! How about a good massage or a sauna after a day at the beach, and outing to the city or a long walk along the coast? That is de Lakens for you!


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If you are interest in the season pitches for 2019 then you can send us an email; 

Different pitches


All pitches are for 6 people (family members), come with a parking pass for 1 car and a 16 Amp electricity connection. In addition there is free showering, free massage and meditation for that ultimate wellness feeling and free use of the wellness facilities in the Sanitary during the season.


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At Kennemer Duincamping de Lakens there are some rules we expect all guests to follow, mainly to ensure an orderly and safe environment, and peace and quiet to guarantee that everyone present can have an excellent time. You are very welcome with your tent, folding trailer, campervan or touring caravan. The only restriction is one dwelling per party. That said, it is usually possible to discuss the addition of the incidental small dome tent.

Rates 2017

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We have different categories by our seasonal campingspots, because of the size and location of the campingspot. We have a carfree part and a part where yo can parc your car at the campingspot itself.

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Wellness by Sea


besides the Wellnessbus and Zen Zone can you also use the suana facilities in sanitary the Wastobbe. You will find here a Fins sauna, infrared sauna and Turkisch Steambath.

So relaxing!

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