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Zeepkisten race - De Race (65).JPG
14-10-2022 until 20-10-2022
all day

Autumn holiday Program | 14 to 20 October | Winter Fest

Brr Winter is about to start again! but the Recreational Bosses are far from ready. This week's theme is winter and the north/south pole.
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21-10-2022 until 27-10-2022
all day

Autumn holiday Program | 21 to 27 October | Halloween

Wow it's starting to haunt camping de Lakens. Are you ready for the goosebumps yet! from scary masks to Zep haunting the campsite.
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28-10-2022 until 30-10-2022
all day

Autumn holiday Program | 28 to 30 October | Halloween

This weekend is the end of this season, but the recreation owners are not ready yet. They will end this season with a bang of course. Will she and Zep see you again?
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whole night

Night of the Night

This night is the night of the night. the whole campsite extinguishes the lights in the reception and Zep Zone. let's find out how beautiful the night is!
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