Outdoor swimming pool de houtvaart

If you find the sea too rough for lane swimming we highly recommend this classic, stylish outdoor swimming pool. Soak up the atmosphere of this historic swimming pool.

De Houtvaart is a plain swimming pool, without solar beds or bubble baths. It has however a real lawn, a new toddler bath and a real sun. The pool is heated predominantly by solar cells, and it is the last place in Haarlem where you can swim in the morning and hear the birds welcome the rising sun. "Zweminrichting" De Houtvaart was established in 1928, to stimulate swimming skills among all classes. It is the only heated open-air swimming pool remaining in the city. History - Originally, men and women were separated. Each had their own entrance and communication was only possible by standing in the shallow end of the pool. The separation was abandoned in the mid-sixties, but you can find traces of it everywhere. It also explains the complete symmetry of the baths, including the strange hump in the 50-metre bath.