Dune Experience – Easter Weekend

07-04-2023 until 10-04-2023

Dune Experience is off to a great start. During this weekend there are lots of activities for you, such as a photography workshop, birdwatching, yoga and sports – and more!

For some experiences you have to sign up to take part. You can recognize them by this icon  Icoon aanmelden CL Programma
The coolest activities may involve costs, this is the corresponding icon  Icoon kosten CL Programma
For the experiences you definitely don’t want to miss, we use this icon  Icoon highlight CL Programma

Sign up for an experience here

Friday – 7 April 

We’re waiting for you at the reception. Zep is eager to meet you and get his first high five. 

6:30 pm – BIRDWATCHING (ALL AGES) / WE MEET AT THE PLAYGROUND Icoon aanmelden CL Programma
A guide will show you around the dunes and you’ll see all kinds of animals, especially birds. 

Did you miss us at the reception? Now we’ll come to see you. Any questions? We’re happy to answer them.

Saturday – 8 April

8.30 am – YOGA 16+ / ZEN ZONE Icoon aanmelden CL ProgrammaIcoon kosten CL Programma
Our yoga instructor is ready and waiting, come join our yoga class. Price €13,50

11 am – BOOTCAMP 16+ / ZEN ZONE Icoon aanmelden CL ProgrammaIcoon kosten CL Programma
Forget about relaxing, it’s time for exercising and hard work. Price €13,50

Sunday – 9 April 

2:30 pm – BEACH TRAWLING 6+ / WE GATHER AT THE ZEP ZONE Icoon aanmelden CL ProgrammaIcoon kosten CL Programma
Gjalt is going to show you how to fish with a trawl net. Price €5,-

7 pm – VIKING PARADE (ALL AGES) / PLAYGROUND Icoon highlight CL Programma
Calling all Vikings! Tonight we’ll show the cool stuff we made to everyone at the campsite. Come walk with us, this parade is full of surprises, and you don’t want to miss them!

Maandag 10 – April

08.45 uur - STILTE WANDELING 16+/FIT&ZEN ZONE Icoon aanmelden CL Programma
Loop in rust met de geluiden van de natuur.