bird watching


Go on an adventure with the whole family in the Kennemerduinen next to the campsite. Explore the dunes with an experienced bird watcher.


During the summer evenings in July and August there is plenty to do in the Kennemerduinen.
The birdsong swells just before the sun sets, and most birds sit in the tops of a bush to show themselves.
Hundreds of swallows hunt the insects above the water and waders and other waterfowl forage for food on the mud flats of the Vogelmeer.
In short, enough reason to experience what it is like to watch birds in the evening.
In the last week of July and August we can even expect the first birds on their way back to their wintering areas!

Gathering at the Zep Zone maximum 15 participants registration is required, you can do this via My delakens Come and have fun with the whole family!

Geoorde Fuut - Lars Buckx